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VIP Program: Fast Track to Grant Writer [OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT]

As a member of the Fast Track to Grant Writer VIP Program, you get:

  • Professional guidance to grow your grant writing career with confidence
  • 90 days of VIP training, coaching, and implementation support
  • Grant Writing Toolkit - templates and checklists I use for both grant writing and running my consulting business
  • Excerpts of grant sections from my successful applications, plus a walkthrough of each where we break down the different elements and strategies
  • Practice exercises to help you strengthen your grant writing muscles
  • Social media graphic templates
  • My recommended tools for the tech and systems I use to run my business
  • Recordings of all the trainings and coaching calls held during the 90 days, including my proprietary strategies and technical processes (Videos, PDFs, templates, and other resources) taught during the program
  • Certificate of Completion for those who complete all the modules, homework, and final exam


  • Office Hours Q&A Sessions
  • BONUS MODULE: Building Your Online Presence - This alone has been a game-changer for Fast Track students! 
  • Bonus Online Video Course - Grant Search Secrets: How to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit
  • Private VIP Community of supportive nonprofit pros for collaboration, feedback, and connection 
  • Option to continue in a mentorship and accountability program in an exclusive VIP Alumni group after the 90 days is over

      After 20+ years of working with nonprofits, winning over $7M in funding, and a Master’s in Education to top it off, I’ll give you both the strategy and hands-on support you need to fast forward your grant writing success. 

      Grab this package of over $8,500 in value. We’ll work through the mindset and strategy of grant writing to help you fast track your career with confidence. 

      What students are saying…

      "Teresa has a lot of knowledge and insight in the nonprofit industry, and her skills at writing effective grants and setting us up for grant writing success come across in her training. She is adept at her understanding of our various needs and she forces us to be honest with ourselves with our capabilities, owning our actions, and focusing on actionable steps to reach our goals. Teresa is professional and a pleasure to work with."

      "For those seeking a grant writing coach and/or training in the grant writing arena, I recommend Teresa without hesitation!"

      “Very easy steps to apply for beginners. She does a great job explaining things and highlighting important points that must be remembered.”

      “Easy to digest and actionable! Teresa did a great job getting to the heart of the structure of grant writing!”

      Are you ready for the Fast Track? See you inside! 


      18 Modules

      [BONUS] Resources & Extras

      Here's the stash of extra resources, bonus downloads, etc. that you can snag along with the course.

      Module 1. BE the Part: You as a Grant Writer

      In this module we'll look at YOU. We'll start building the framework for your future in grant writing.

      Module 2. LEARN the Part: Get a Handle on the Basics.

      This foundation is important! Here we'll learn to:

      • Recognize common misconceptions about grants
      • Develop the basic parts of a grant proposal
      • Collect the information you need to build your case
      • Practice writing clear, effective goals and objectives

      Module 3. THINK the Part: The Mindset of Grant Writing.

      Today we're talking about the mindset of a successful grant writer, how to be innovative, and things you can do to be prepared.

      Module 4. KNOW the Part: Advanced Grant Writing Skills.

      Buckle your seat belts because we're headed into the fast lane of pro grant writing skills in this module!

      Module 4.5. PRACTICE the Part: Grant Applications & Hands-On Practice.

      Time to do some heavy lifting! Let's look at some actual grant applications and try your hand at writing.

      Module 5. DO the Part: Pricing & Services.

      Let's dive into the questions you've all been waiting for - pricing, positioning, and priorities.

      Module 6. CHOOSE the Part: Finding Work.

      Where do you find work? Start here!

      Module 6.5 [BONUS]. LOOK the Part: Your Online Presence.

      You've stepped up your game. Now it's time to look the part online!

      Module 7. ACT the Part: Operations - Running Your Business.

      You're running this show. Time to own it and act like it!

      Module 8. OWN the Part: Recap & Launch.

      We're ready to roll! Let's take everything you've learned here and unleash it on the world.

      [PLACEHOLDER] Final Exam and Certificate!

      We're ready to roll! Let's take everything you've learned here and unleash it on the world.

      Modules for this product 18

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      Please be aware of the agreements linked above. TL;DR highlights: 

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      • You get access to the community (and me!) for 90 days starting upon enrollment in the program.
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      Even Shorter TL;DR: Be honest and we'll get along just fine.

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